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What differentiates Buyers Edge from the others?

Buyers Edge is your purchasing partner offering a wide variety of services tailored to meet your needs as a client. This partnership gives you access to more than 450 manufacturer programs with over 120,000 line items of savings. While Buyers Edge has secured pricing, rebates, and other preferred relationships with vendors, we do not dictate what our clients buy or who they buy it from. Buyers Edge offers transparency so that any program extended to you is completely visible, and conveniently available on your web portal. With our state-of-the-art proprietary software, InsideTrack, we are able to uniquely manage the entire data lifecycle. We also ensure that all contracts are implemented into distribution and that all invoices are audited for compliance. From data acquisition, cleaning, mapping, and processing, to auditing, contract compliance, invoice billing, and overcharge collections, we manage it all!

How much will Buyers Edge be able to save my company?

Buyers Edge understands that each organization is different and how important it is to quantify the impact of any program in order for it to be evaluated. Buyers Edge can provide a comprehensive analysis that will identify additional savings by implementing our manufacturer’s contract and rebates. This report will show the savings detailed by line item.

How is Buyers Edge compensated?

There is no annual or monthly fee to use the Buyers Edge rebates and contracts. The client retains all of the contract savings and we share a portion of the rebate savings we provide. Other services are available a mutually agreed upon fee.

What if I use multiple distributors?

Buyers Edge can work with any and all of your distributors. We currently receive data from over 350 distributors from across the country and continue to onboard new ones each month. Your Buyers Edge portal gives you the ability to organize all of your purchase data and agreements in one location.

What if I have direct contracts and rebates already?

The Buyers Edge program will not interfere with your existing programs. Our goal is provide additional savings by covering remaining items. If we identify an overlap with any manufacturers, we will do an analysis to determine the most advantageous program for your organization and present a recommendation and leave the final decision in the hands of the operator.