What’s New at Buyers Edge Purchasing: new updates, features, and more

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Buyers Edge Purchasing has recently made software updates to add new and exciting features, a clean and intuitive dashboard, and even more access to data that will aid procurement professions in finding the best prices and data. At Buyers Edge Purchasing, we’re not only focused on using our software to clean and normalize your data, but also to offer you insights into your purchasing trends, easier ways to manage your contracts, ways to keep an eye on your rebates and more.

The most significant new feature is our new and improved dashboard. Gone are the days of delayed loading graphs and here to stay are fast, clean, and easy-to-organize data. The new dashboard features customized widgets and a new layer of interactivity that allows you to put the information that matters most to your operation at the forefront of your Buyers Edge experience. Select from widgets that showcase your Purchasing, Price Range, or Price Trend reports, our Freshly Picked weekly newsletter, your frequently used widgets, a market ticker, latest commodity alerts, and more.

We have also added a new menu and overhauled navigation experience. We worked hard to reposition how we display data in tables and how you can download files in order to ensure your experience is fast and easy. We also focused heavily on our reporting capability. Now you can run a report, see the report status and set up reporting parameters for the future with ease.


While all of these updates are useful and exciting,, users always want to be sure they can access the most important information they’ve always relied on quickly in this new design. Below are three widgets that you can set up on your dashboard that ensure you can monitor your spend and get updated in less than 5 minutes.

  • Purchase Report – See what locations are reporting and how much they’re buying. Get granular and see their top items and average prices in an instant.
  • Price Trend Report – See month-over-month- what items impacted your spend. If the items are not on contract and are a commodity, dive into our market reports to see how those commodity items are performing nationally.
  • Price Range Report – Ensure that your individual locations are not buying products from other distributors that have much higher prices, costing them unnecessary margin.  Analyze this report to make corrections and provide coaching throughout your organization.


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