Price Range Reports

What Are Price Range Reports?

At Buyers Edge we focus on the data in the foodservice industry. Which is why so many of our reports and services focus around finding and sharing with you the numbers that affect your day to day. From purchasing trends to contract renewal notifications, we are focused on keeping you in the know.

Recently, we’ve been focused on bringing you even more insight into your purchasing data in the restaurant industry with our price range reports. This is another one of our core reports we’ve been offering for years that we’d like to bring attention to. You can see at a glance the range of prices you’re paying for the same item.

The Price Range Report identifies price swings for the same item purchased at multiple distribution points. This can help identify what distributors may not have contracts implemented or where you may be overpaying for a non-contracted item. Important identifications include:

  • Clear visualization of your over-spend and under-spend
  • Insight into individual brands, units of items, and descriptions at a glance
  • Easily identifiable comparisons of your distributors and how they are performing with your contracted and non-contracted items.

Below is a snapshot of the report:

price range report buyers edge

About Buyers Edge Purchasing – Updates

At Buyers Edge, we offer data, consulting, and technology solutions to benefit to you, our clients, in the gaming, hospitality, and education foodservice industries. We continuously evaluate your purchasing data, utilize our expertise in auditing to manage your vendor contracts, and offer spend management rebates, and produce management contracts. Come back regularly for continued software updates and auditing advice.




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