Avocado Pulp or Fresh Guacamole?

Could you use Avocado pulp as a replacement for fresh guacamole?

Whether you’re sourcing Avocados from Mexico or California, stormy weather, unpredictable harvesting issues, or even tariffs can cause issues in your supply chain. So we took a lot at substitutions restaurants that rely¬†heavily¬†on avocados for guacamole or dips could use in a crisis. Below are our findings.

  • Always Ripe
  • Consistent Pricing
  • No Waste
  • No labor cost
  • Minimal cooler space needed
  • Consistent in taste & texture



  • Overripe or green fruit creates waste
  • Variable cost per pound
  • Creates difficulty for recipe/portion control
  • Labor to scoop & mash avocados
  • Utilizes more cooler space
  • Inconsistent taste & texture

Avocado pulp provides a consistent product that can provide labor savings, longer shelf life, and less waste.

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