NEW: Audit Your Purchases


Audit: an official inspection of an individual’s or organization’s accounts, typically by an independent body. At Buyers Edge we understand how integral the numbers are. We use our auditing software to ensure our clients are being charged the right prices by suppliers and identify overages and cost-savings opportunities for your restaurant or operation.


We not only audit broadline suppliers, but are able to audit ANY supplier that you purchase from including produce, meat, seafood, chemical, paper, local, and more vendors. We understand that most restaurants can purchase from more than 5 distributors at a time and work towards ensuring consistency across paths. The audit system identifies overcharges and any place where contracts are not being properly implemented by distributors. For example, if a contract specifies that a line item should be priced at $12.99/case, but the price suddenly increases to $14.99, our auditing software will detect the difference. We then communicate with the distributors to get overcharges we find refunded back to you. Identifying these problem areas helps us ensure clients are getting the correct pricing every time.


Beyond traditional auditing and refunds, we also have the ability to audit against USDA markets, Urner Barry, freight agreements, and other unique pricing scenarios you may have. The more spend you report to Buyers Edge, the greater ability we have to identify variances in your purchases.

Talk to your account manager today to add additional vendors or agreements to your Buyers Edge auditing!

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