Are you using the right Romaine Blend?

Can a Romaine Blend show real savings?


  • Mild, sweet flavor
  • High-end appearance and better nutrition than iceberg blends
  • Dramatic color, velvety texture, superior plate presence
  • Stands up to dressings and heat better than traditional spring mix
  • Compared to chopped romaine:
    • Less expensive with more servings per case
    • Less rib material
    • Better visual appeal and forkability
    • 30% more volume per pound
    • 22% more plate coverage


  • One 2-pound bag of Red RomaBlend equals 30 1-cup servings. One 2-pound bag of chopped romaine equals 23 1-cup servings
  • Dramatic color, velvety texture, superior plate presence
  • Add kalamata olives, feta cheese, and sliced red onion for a striking greek salad
  • Ideal with stone fruits or roasted berries for an eye-catching signature salads

The Roma and RedRoma blend have a significantly higher yield and plate coverage leading to product and labor savings.

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