Contract Management

Whether negotiated by our team, or yours, Buyers Edge supports and monitors all contract arrangements with manufacturer and distributor partners for compliance. This includes: fixed pricing, tiered pricing, cost plus, off invoice, regional pricing, freight, and other custom variables.

InsideTrack organizes and digitally stores distributor and manufacturer contracts on each unique client portal, ensuring 24-7 access to an electronic file cabinet for all contracts and more.

Our web-based software automatically notifies your purchasing team that a contract is nearing expiration. Using your purchase history, the smart renewal-reporting feature easily identifies additional items that should be added to existing contracts. The renewal report is then shared with manufacturers for timely contract updates.

Using our system, you will understand the impact of a newly negotiated agreement. Once a contract is renewed or revised, we are able to quantify the overall dollar impact and percentage change by item and location. This information is critical in negotiating the most favorable program and understanding the impact to your bottom line.

Our purchase program report identifies all items which are covered by either a rebate or contract. Your team can increase contract coverage by recognizing new opportunities on the remaining items. Increasing the percentage of contacted items will lead to significant new savings.

Our system will also track purchases and identify products that are not in compliance with operator specifications. This management report will enable you to insure consistency and uniformity throughout the organization.